Introduction to Farmer’s Market Cooking

farmerscover    Many of us have lost the sense of where we are in the world, our connection to it and to each other. We buy our milk in plastic jugs at the corner store, we load up on fruits and vegetables at the supermarket without giving a second thought to where they came from or how they were grown, we feed ourselves and our children over-processed foods loaded with unnecessary and often harmful ingredients. We are quickly becoming an alienated society with an ever-decreasing sense of community — and that is something that we need. As we grow closer to becoming just another bit of code on a microchip, it is important that we reinvent the idea of community. One of the small but good and true ways to start doing this is to buy your food at your local farmer’s market.

If there is a market in your neighborhood, you may have been thinking about going but haven’t yet got around to it. Or you may not know if you have one where you live, but would like to find out. You might even feel a little intimidated shopping directly from the farmers at their stands.

This book will guide you through (or to) your local farmers’ market and show you how to avail yourself of the wonderful things you’ll find there. It will tell you how to choose your produce and when to start looking for seasonal fruits and vegetables — the first juicy peach of summer, the first tender spring asparagus. It will give you questions to ask the growers about what they do, and introduce you to some of the people who are the farmers’ markets.